Name Pomeranian
Other Names Deutsche Spitze, Zwergspitz, Spitz Nain, Spitz Enano, Zwers, Dwarf Spitz
Nicknames Pom, Pom Pom, Loulou
Origin Germany and Poland
Average size Small (toy)
Average weight 3 to 7 pounds
Average height 7 to 12 inches
Life span 12 to 16 years
Coat type Double - thick, soft undercoat, long, straight, shiny, harsh top coat
Hypoallergenic No
Color Black, blue, tan, brown, cream, orange, sable, red, Silver, gold, grey, brindle, fawn, white
Popularity Ranked 21st by the AKC
Intelligence Very good – it is an intelligent dog
Tolerance to heat Moderate – it cannot handle overly warm climates
Tolerance to cold Very good – its coat means it is well able to handle cold climates
Shedding Moderate all year but males can shed undercoats once or twice a year and females can shed undercoat when in season, after a litter or when stressed
Drooling Low – does not drool
Obesity Prone to obesity – watch its exercise and feeding
Grooming/brushing Moderate to high – has some particular needs and will need daily brushing
Barking Frequent – will bark at anything
Exercise needs Moderate – very active indoors and then will need daily walks outside too
Trainability Moderate easy – Enjoy it but sessions should be kept short and fun
Friendliness Good – it can be friendly but can be wary
Good first dog Very good – It is not a hard dog to own so it is very good for first owners
Good family pet Good – while affectionate with its owners it needs help with children and other pets so is more a couple's pet than a family pet
Good with children Moderate – it is not naturally good with children and will need socialization and supervision
Good with other dogs Moderate – it needs socialization and training to be happy around other dogs
Good with other pets Good with socialization – does not have a high prey drive
Good with strangers Good – can be wary
Good apartment dog Very good – its size means it is able to happily live in an apartment as long as it gets daily outside exercise
Handles alone time well Low – it does not like being alone and can suffer from separation anxiety
Health issues Quite a healthy dog but can be prone to deafness.
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